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Current Art Shows in 2016:
Thursday June 9, 6:30-8:00 EAFA Open show reception at Mercer Gallery
Evergreen Fine Arts Association juried show is at Mercer Island Community Center
I am co-chair of this EAFA show within the Center (adjacent to Luther Burbank Park).
It's a good show and wonderful venue. Take a walk or do some plein air sketching in the park after you see the show. June 6 - July 22nd

I will be on the Kirkland Art Walk on June 10, same time 5:00-8:00 PM
The Grape Choice facing Marina Park.

"Playful" show at Arts of Kenmore Gallery at Kenmore City Hall,
small gem of an exhibit space.
June 3 - August 18

Bassetti's Crooked Arbor Gardens and Galleries, starting in April through season

Bellevue Library month of July 2016

Don't forget the huuuuge Kenmore Art show at Bastyr, St Edwards Park is coming up soon

Offering workshops at Tsuga Fine Arts, Bothell no dates yet


Previous Art Shows in 2016:

Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Members' Show March 2 - April 23
digitally displayed at multiple locations and on CoCA website

Visit these locations to see the amazing digital art displays:
Unclad CoCA at Rubix, 515 Harvard Ave East, Seattle:
Reception Thursday, Mar 10, 6-9 PM, part of Capitol Hill Art Walk
22 visual, video and installation artists, digital exhibition of 185 artists
CoCA UN(contained) 35 Live Extravaganza:
Equinox Studios 6555 - 5th Ave S., Seattle (Georgetown)
Saturday, March 12, 6-10 PM
installations, pedal-powered art car, films, performance, music
CoCA Unclad Art Show
Edmonds Yacht Club March 18,19, 20

"Drawn to India" Art Tour
Deborah shows village children pictures of her home and family.

Deborah Knetzger traveled to the state of Gujarat in October 2014 with an Australian artist who leads wonderful art tours to India. Highly recommended! This tour focused on textiles. Inspirational inventive craftspeople, ancient techniques and gorgeous colors, with lots of time to draw and observe, unlike most sightseeing tours. Visited the homes of gypsy women making bright embroidery; tried block printing on calico in a family-run studio, where huge natural dye pots were inset in the yard and long tables for printing occupied the outbuildings. My sketchbooks and photos contain images for years of making art.

Catherine Parker Art Tours

Deborah Knetzger's India Sketchbook:

To see a larger version of each picture, right-click on
the image and choose to open in new tab.

india1   india3   india4   india5   india6   india2   india7   india8   india9   india10   india11   india12   india13   india14   india15   india16   india17   india18   india19   india21   india22   india23   india24   india25

The Artist in Action


Artist Deborah Knetzger is admiring her work at COCA, the Center on Contemporary Art, "Who Are You?" show, currently in the Seattle Design Center in Georgetown. Taken September 18, 2014.

Deborah Knetzger in action at the Gage Academy Drawing Jam.
This one was used on the Gage Academy website.

Deborah Knetzger in action during the Kirkland Arts Center Studio tour (KAST).

Deborah Knetzger in action in her studio.

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